Carrie Miller, Ph.D.

Carrie Miller, Ph.D., joined the UF College of Journalism and Communications this fall as assistant professor in the department of public relations and will be playing an active role in the College’s  STEM Translational Communication Center and the UF Health Cancer Center.

Dr. Miller’s area of expertise is social/behavioral and population health. This background provides her with a unique perspective in cancer communication science. Before joining UF, she completed a Susan G. Komen predoctoral fellowship and a National Cancer Institute, or NCI, T32 postdoctoral training program in cancer prevention and control at Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Medicine and Massey Cancer Center. As a T32 scholar, Dr. Miller gained advanced training in health communication, social media and mobile/digital health; conducted social listening studies focused on understanding the public discourse of cancer-related topics on social media; and performed research aimed at addressing misinformation and developing timely and effective communication strategies. She also helped develop the THRIVE Cancer Survivorship Cohort. She hopes to expand and continue working on this project as a co-investigator at UF.

She has more than 20 publications in peer-reviewed journals and has published one book chapter. Her work has been disseminated in more than 50 poster and oral presentations at national and international conferences. 

What are your current research interests?

My research is focused on developing novel interventions that leverage communication and digital technologies, including social media, to improve cancer screening uptake and awareness. I currently have a grant under review with the NCI that is focused on developing a family- and communication-based intervention to promote colorectal cancer screening in rural settings. I am also preparing a proposal seeking to develop a novel, tailored telehealth intervention aimed at reducing racial and geographic disparities in breast cancer screening.

What led you to decide to join UF?

The alignment of my interests with those of the UF STEM Translational Communication Center initially drew me here. After meeting with the wonderful people and colleagues at the UF Health Cancer Center and the College of Journalism and Communications, I was convinced that there was no a better place for me to begin my academic career as a researcher in cancer communication and prevention science.

What are some of your goals related to cancer communication and prevention science?

My research goals are to conduct high-impact research that informs health promotion and cancer prevention interventions, especially those deployed in the new media environment, that have widespread implications for public health and among underserved populations. I also have a strong desire to contribute to the educational training of junior cancer communication scholars. Having been a first-generation college graduate and, later, a graduate student with young children, I am keenly aware of the challenges faced by those who must balance an abundance of competing demands between their academic and personal lives. My long-term career goal is to be leader in the field of cancer control and population science with nationally and internationally recognized expertise in cancer communication and behavioral science.

“My long-term career goal is to be leader in the field of cancer control and population science with nationally and internationally recognized expertise in cancer communication and behavioral science.”

Carrie Miller, Ph.D.

Why did you decide to pursue your research focus?

My passion for cancer prevention and control stems from a job I had working with cancer patients. These early experiences made me wonder what could have been done to prevent these people from getting cancer. I realized then that there was a critical need for improved communication about cancer prevention and screenings.

What do you like to do outside of work?

My hobbies include tennis and rowing. I am also an avid reader. However, outside of work, I am usually spending time with my family. We do all the things outdoors (hiking, biking and sports). We are looking forward to spending more time outdoors in the warmer Florida winters and experiencing the local attractions, including beaches, Disney and, of course, Gator Nation sports!