Thank you to those who completed the UF Health Cancer Center Membership Satisfaction Survey earlier this year. Through the survey, we gained invaluable feedback on our Shared Resources, Research Programs and funding opportunities.

Survey Winner: Volker Mai, Ph.D.

The continued growth of the UF Health Cancer Center is dependent upon your success as members, therefore your recommendations on how we can best meet your future needs is crucial for planning purposes. Additionally, the NCI requires that we continuously evaluate our programs and services and measure their efficacy.

While the survey results were confidential and aggregated with other responses, those who included their name were entered into a drawing for a larger prize. Congratulations to Volker Mai, Ph.D., for having his name drawn from the hat; he won a pair of Shokz OpenRun Headphones.

The survey’s 52% response rate is our best yet — and it provided some significant data for our consideration. Overall, we were heartened by the number of positive responses, especially regarding our Shared Resources, Working Groups, website and pilot grants. We are also strategizing to address areas where additional improvements can be made.

A few highlights:

  • A majority of respondents attend Research Program meetings on a monthly basis and indicated that collaboration opportunities were the most valuable reason for attending.
  • A majority of respondents said they felt that the Cancer Center provides mentorship opportunities that can enhance their career development, and all respondents unanimously said that their mentor has been beneficial to their career enhancement. Networking and collaboration opportunities were cited by respondents as the most important ways Cancer Center mentors have helped in their research careers.
  • Pilot grant funding was considered the most important resource provided to members by the Cancer Center to support their research, followed closely by access to Shared Resources.
  • The majority of members said they regularly visit the Cancer Center website and find the website easy to navigate. They said they can locate the information they were looking for, which most often was funding opportunities and upcoming events.
  • The majority of respondents indicated that both Topics in Cancer and Oncology Grand Rounds seminar series were “effective as structured” and would not make any changes to how they are organized.
  • The majority of services offered by the Clinical Research Office (CRO) were overwhelmingly rated “Excellent” in support of members’ clinical research. Statistical support was considered the most valuable service provided for timely completion of a clinical research project.