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Media Relations FAQ

Who Is My Communications Contact for Cancer-Related Media Requests?

Marilee Griffin
Assistant Director of Communications,
UF Health Cancer Center | P: (352) 273-5718 C: (850) 766-1113

Leacy Burton
Communications Specialist,
UF Health Cancer Center 

If the Media Contacts Me, When Should I Loop in Cancer Center Communications?

Please contact the Cancer Center Communications team as soon as you are approached by a member of the media — either by forwarding the email, or requesting the journalist to contact Communications prior to an interview. This allows us to vet the request, identify any potential conflicts and assist in a timely manner.

Why Should I Contact the Cancer Communications Team When I Receive a Media Request?

The Cancer Center Communications team will quickly vet the media request and assess it for possible sensitivities and conflicts. From there, we’ll help expedite and coordinate the actual interview, including media escort if necessary (see next question). We’ll also log the request in the media relations database and track the resulting clips. If necessary, we can also provide media training, advise regarding any HIPAA concerns, coordinate patient consent forms, etc.

A Journalist Wants To Interview Me on Campus. Is That Okay?

UF Health policy, as informed by HIPAA, states that all members of the media need to be escorted by Communications personnel for the duration of their visit. Therefore, if the journalist is interviewing you in a place on campus frequented by/near patients — or if they need to pass through a place frequented by patients to find you, the Cancer Center Communications team will need to escort them.

This is also the case if a journalist wants to speak to you or film in a lab space, due to UF Health policies regarding animal models, etc.

If a media escort is required, we’ll coordinate directly with the journalist. Usually, having a guide is beneficial to the journalist as well.

I Would Like Media Training. How Do I Arrange That?

The Cancer Center Communications team is happy to assist with media training for all types of interviews — for print, video or radio, etc. and has resources to share.