Directory Now Used Across All UF Health Websites  

The UF Health Web Directory contains information on all UF Health-related persons, regardless of their location or affiliation. This includes faculty, staff and students for UF, as well as staff at UF Health Shands (and related hospitals), and UF Health Jacksonville.

The directory contains powerful search capabilities, along with the ability to easily update and manage most of your profile information (after logging in).

Your UF Health Web Directory profile is a comprehensive profile with various customizable fields such as: accomplishments, board certifications, clinical profile, research profile, reaching profile, publications, grants, patents, education and contact details.

The UF Health Directory now feeds ALL UF Health websites, including the 6 health colleges. which is why it’s important that your information is correct!

You can update your profile information from the UF Health Web Directory homepage by clicking “My Profile” in the upper right-hand corner. The website will ask you to login using either your Gatorlink ID and password, or your Shands ID and password. Once you are logged in, the site will redirect you to your profile where you can begin updating your profile.

Profile Fields: Editable fields will be marked with a small plus sign or pencil icon that you can click on to edit that field. As you edit and save each field, your directory profile will be updated.

Profile Photo


Additional Positions

Users can display all of their past and currently held academic positions in their profile by clicking on the title text under the name, or scrolling to the “Additional Positions” heading below the biography field.

Teaching Profile

  • Post a short description of their teaching philosophy and manage a list of course taught in the past to help students, colleagues, and other interested parties find syllabi and description of the course. 
  • Courses taught are imported into a profile automatically from UF’s course management systems. You can edit some of the course information. 


  • Publications can be automatically added one-at-a-time or in a group using a PubMed ID or DOI number. If you’d like to add the publication manually, this option is available, as well. Publications added to a profile through the VIVO system will remain on the profile. 
  • The new automated import process seeks to pull in the publications of our faculty and staff without any effort needed on their part. However, in the instance of an error, you can use the Directory to add, edit, and hide publications (with a bulk add mode available, as well). 
  • In rare cases, users may see many wrong publications being attributed to them — please contact us if you are experiencing this so we can assist in clean-up. 
  • Learn More about how to add, edit or hide publications from your Directory profile.